Where do you start when doing landscaping? Do you pick trees, shrubs, and flowers? Do you just decide that the area is fine the way it is because you do not know the next step? Creating innovative landscaping ideas is all about understanding the basics of landscaping and then branching out from there. You want to put your own stamp on the finished product, but you want to make sure that it will still come together in the end.

However wild you want to get with your landscaping, you still have practical concerns. If this area is going to be used for anything then you will need to take that into consideration. If an area is likely to experience heavy traffic then you may not want the frail flowers that would fair better in an area that is only meant to be viewed from a distance. Children, for example, may get a bit rambunctious in their outdoor playtime. You want your landscaping choices to be able to handle that interaction.

This is the foundation for your planning. Once you know what you need the area to be able to handle then you can work toward implementing innovative ideas. You creativity needs to live within the bounds of everyday life. If you have an isolated area that will remain undisturbed then feel free to choose expensive, delicate specimens. Otherwise, plan accordingly.


You want to create contrast. This creates interest and makes your landscaping stand out from other, possibly similar areas. If your landscaping scheme includes a bunch of similar elements then the whole effect may fade into itself, creating one harmonious but boring end result. You will want to select some truly unique aspects so that they can stand out.

Using plants that have brilliant, unusual colors is a fantastic way to make it stand out amidst a sea of green. They can draw interest and make the mundane plants around them seem to come alive by association.

You can also use plants and trees that have height as their differentiating factor. You do not want to simple rely on color to create interest. You can also do it using plants and trees of differing heights. Again, the contrast will create a feeling of diversity which forces the eye to take in more details because your landscaping effort is not one big uniform structure.

The same goes for shapes. Oddly shaped plants can cause one’s view to linger on them to inspect why the shapes are not consistent from one plant to the next. Some plants will have straight, clean lines while some seem to burst out from the stem in a sort of waterfall effect. The conscious use of varied yet cohesive shapes can go a long way in making your landscaping efforts unique.

Innovative landscaping makes one remember the landscaping even once it has passed from sight. It inspires others to transform their outdoor spaces into something remarkable. To plan your own landscaping efforts you need to remember that the area has to be made to fit the needs that will be imposed on it, and it must have elements of contrast. This way you will make the space will be innovative in your own particular way.