Small Bathroom Furniture, Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms is one of the busiest parts of the house

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The Bathroom

Everyday, the bathroom is one of the busiest parts of the house. When is small (less than 5 m2) must be resourceful for that failure to offer m2, it offers maximum comfort, while being functional and aesthetic. Here are our tips to maximize space so ingenious.

1 – Small Bathroom Furniture

The manufacturers of designer furniture and stained specifically dedicated to these spaces. Shallow, they reveal little space while providing maximum comfort.

Prefer to reduce the suspended space. Left: the collection “spot” of Sanijura offers intelligent storage columns to a depth of only 35 cm in a palette of 43 colors. Italik of Sanijura. Right: Shaping delivered for this elegant line of furniture that comes in two depths: 37/54 cm or 23/40 cm. Width of 90 to 140 cm.

2 – Use every corner

Furniture, bathtubs and showers are available in a corner, often convenient to optimize the least space.

The corner bath in effect requires only 130 or 140 x 130 x140 cm. Above left: Asymmetrical bath right or left version that can save space without sacrificing comfort. 150 x 100 cm. Micromega Duo Jacob Delafon. Right: the shower is available in a wide range of shapes to suit all configurations bathroom.

3 – Choosing Between Bathtub or shower

Hard to choose between the tub or shower? In this case, choose one of this product. Version angle (383) or rectangular (385), it can adapt to any configuration of bathrooms.

4 – Small Bathroom

Comfortable bathtubs have small dimensions to fit small spaces. Above, with a height of 58 cm, the compact rounded tub is deep and spacious enough. Also available with whirl system. Black, pink or white. 140 x 80 cm.

5 – Bathroom Lighting

Light colors give the impression of a larger piece. To avoid all white, do not hesitate to partner with another color, leaving the ceiling white to not overwrite volumes. Above: glazed earthenware for wall, glossy, rectified edges, 20 x 31.6 cm. Available in six colors: amber, coffee, oscuro, oceano, Perla and rojo.

6 – Bathroom Mirror

The mirror has the double advantage of being able to see while giving depth to the room. By choosing a cabinet mirror, you can have more of a storage space. Above: Once lit, a picture appears on the surface of the mirror with a lamp built. Light filters gently through its contours. No less than eight different designs inspired by constellations for this brilliant collection of mirrors.

7 – Large Bathroom Tiles for Larger Space

For soil, select large tiles tiling to enlarge the space (40 x 40 up to 60 x 60 cm).

8 – Adjust The Bathroom Door

The door, if it opens on the inside, can be changed to open to the outside or replaced by a sliding bathroom door or bathroom stall doors. The latter can not take much space when opened.

9 – A Washing Machine Malignant

Compact or shallow, washing machines are smart to find their place in small bathrooms.

Above: With a look inspired by the 50s, this washing machine, hidden behind the door, is equipped with a sink built into its body. 5 kg capacity. Also available in sky blue and cream. Spin 600 to 1500 rev / min. H 89 x W 59.5 x D 52.2 cm. Class AAA. Laundry sink with integrated Smeg LBL16RO. Ideal for small bathrooms with 40 cm deep, this washing machine can align furniture bathroom the same depth. 7 kg capacity. Class A +. H 85 x W 60 x D 40 cm.

10 – Solutions Layout

Feel free to ask advice from professionals to match your bathroom.
Above, an example of a bathroom less than 5 square meters, which despite two shafts binding, can accommodate without major changes: a shower of 81 cm x 76 cm (custom sizes), a wardrobe “large capacity”, a half-column mounted toilet with storage for two doors, half a column of additional storage and a vanity unit with a large sliding drawer.