The black bathroom looks like the new trend. Try this dark color to create a sophisticated and chic.

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The black bathroom looks like the new trend. Try this dark color to create a sophisticated and chic. Here is our selection might not see life in black.

This year’s black is invited in the bathrooms. All manufacturers have adopted this color to dress bath, shower, furniture, faucets, toilets, sinks, radiator. In version total look or combined with other materials or colors, black wins against the traditional white, which for some years, was the symbol of chic bathrooms and design, to establish itself as the new chic color. It gives the room a new look deep and powerful, whether in traditional or contemporary environments. Refined, sophisticated, sublime the black space, enlarges itself, contrary to popular belief, and highlights the sleek design elements that make up the room. With white, the color symbolic of hygiene and cleanliness, he made a perfect match to accentuate a distinguished atmosphere.

Supervision Solid Surface White piece of each item in the collection showcases the black color by creating a beautiful elegant contrast. It comprises vanity unit, storage column, niches, bench, stool on wheels, wide receiver. Even the mirror plays the complementary aesthetics by coordinating at all.

Strictly geometric to the exterior, the basin is characterized by the wave in the center that brings a sensual touch to the clean lines and a unique style in the bathroom. The marriage of glass-lined steel, glass and lacquer or high gloss real wood veneer gives it a refined elegance. 700 x 385 mm.

This bath ready to ask Corralit acrylic and is black and white chic and modern with its rounded. To become an object of decor in the bathroom.

Together with a plush curved countertop of a remarkable volume on the black and white contrast.

Clean lines for this innovative and practical furniture that brings a vanity unit with one drawer and a mirror. Optionally, each looking glass provides storage sliding left and right. The bowl Solid Surface matt white arises either on a countertop Solid Surface matt white or glass also white or taupe. The light switch is in the infrared and wall mixer. Width 105 cm.

From left to right behind the minimalist look, this vanity integrated Céramyl ® hides a large functional space and offers a large amount of interior storage. Space saving solution, it combines comfort and aesthetics. Available in 8 finishes of painted glass. W 60 x D 38 x H 70 cm. Smart Decotec. This freestanding bath exudes a sense of purity with its rounded and soft. Made of Stone KRION ®, an ultra-white matte resin, it offers a nice silky feel close to the polished natural stone.

Original, 3-hole basin mixer is distinguished by its flat nose and generous and deep matte black finish. She offers individual jets and beading very pleasant on the skin.

The classic shape and rectangular in the collection, which includes bath, sink, basin, toilet and bidet, is enhanced by the glossy black, a symbol of elegance.

Black lava, the bathroom becomes an oasis of relaxation in elegant surroundings. With seamless surface of the recipient enameled steel, the shower put on extreme elegance. The wide brim of the tub itself large, for custom fitting.

Made Luminist, an epoxy resin hybrid that combines the transparency of glass with resistance to extreme heat, shock and scratches, the collection (bath and basin) gives the bathroom an elegant black and white.

The retro-inspired bath is available in black graphite to provide a sensual elegance in the bathroom. Bath Belle de Villeroy & Boch.
Tied with white, black becomes an alternative design to create a mood. A black bathroom is nothing sad and tender, on the contrary, the ability to create beautiful contrasts.